City of Montreal preps for labour day: What’s open and what’s closed

In preparation for the impending Labour Day on September 4, the City of Montreal has unveiled its comprehensive strategy for service availability and closures during the holiday. The city aims to ensure residents are well-informed and can effectively plan their activities by providing a detailed list of services that will be closed on Labour Day. In cases where services and centers are not explicitly listed, the city encourages individuals to directly reach out to the respective facilities for accurate information.

Close: The following municipal services and facilities will be temporarily closed on Labour Day:

– Access Montreal offices (Bureau Accès Montréal)

– City of Montreal permit counters

– Montreal public libraries

– Culture houses

– Community centers

– Montreal courtrooms

– Service counters at specific locations: 557 Gosford Street, 303 Notre-Dame Street, 7275 Sherbrooke Street East, 1405 de l’Eglise Street (Saint-Laurent), and 777 Newman Boulevard (LaSalle)

– SAQ stores, except those situated within public markets and SAQ Express stores

– All SQDC stores (Société québécoise du cannabis)

– Most major banks

– Grocery stores


On the contrary, certain essential services will remain operational and accessible throughout Labour Day:

– Online services will continue to be available, with applications received on Monday being processed on the following Tuesday

– Collection services, encompassing tasks such as handling household waste, recycling, food waste, and more, will continue as usual

– Ecocentres will remain open for service

– A range of prominent cultural attractions will be open for visitors, including the Biodome, Biosphere, Botanical Garden, Insectarium, and Planetarium

Residents intending to utilize sports facilities on Labour Day are advised to note that operating hours may differ between boroughs. The city emphasizes the importance of directly contacting these sports locations to ascertain their precise opening hours before planning to visit.

As the Labour Day holiday draws near, the City of Montreal remains committed to facilitating an organized and seamless experience for its residents. By transparently providing information about service closures and operations, the city seeks to ensure that individuals can make informed decisions and have a well-planned holiday.


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