Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer promises universal tax cut

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer promises universal tax cut

During election campaign in B.C., Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced a new universal tax cut plan. He claims that this plan will save taxpayers hundreds of dollars a year.

Party’s calculations claim the savings of  $444 a year to an average single taxpayer’s money and a two-income couples earning an average salary can save about $850 a year with this plan.

It’s considered to be a key plank of the Tory platform to make life more affordable.

Scheer said, if elected, a Conservative government would cut the tax rate on taxable income under $47,630 to 13.75 per cent from 15 per cent.

“We’re going to deliver a tax cut targeted specifically at taxpayers in the lowest-income tax bracket. This means that every Canadian will see their income taxes go down and those in the lowest tax bracket see the biggest benefit of all,” Scheer said at a campaign stop in Surrey, B.C.

“This means more money to pay the bills, to save up for your kids’ education or maybe even finally afford a family vacation,” he said.