Convicted Pedophile Back In Custody After Government Revokes Supervision Order

A convicted pedophile is back in custody after her long-term supervision order was rescinded by the Canadian government, just days after Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and others voiced concern that she was able to live in the city upon her original release.

Peel Regional Police said Madilyn Harks, 36, formerly known as Matthew Harks, was arrested Friday after Correctional Services Canada (CSC) issued a warrant of suspension to Harks’ long-term supervision order.

“Harks is in custody. A long-term supervision order is rescinded and has been returned to a secure facility. This serial pedophile is no longer a threat in our city,” Brown tweeted Friday.

Peel Police said Harks was convicted in three sexual assault cases against females under the age of eight, including neighbours and fellow members of a church congregation.

Harks had been moved to the area of Main Street and Queen Street by the CSC sometime during the week of March 18. Police originally released a public safety concern regarding her on March 22.

“The fact that the conditions that the long-term supervision order had been breached within a week show the real public safety threat that this was,” Brown said on Friday. “…Let me say our community was livid last Friday when we found out that corrections Canada dumped a serial pedophile in our community”