Coronavirus variants are testing the limits of people, what once was thought to be safe in Canada

Covid 19 in Canada
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The coronavirus variants are contagious and the rapid spread of this is making the third wave devastating in Canada. The risk level has also increased in this third wave which was earlier thought to be relatively safe.

The experts also did mention that with the high risk the margin error is less for which we can’t be safe until more Canadians are getting vaccinated.

Biology professor and Immunologist, Erin Bromage said, “The things that you’ve gotten away with previously like in the first wave, and that you’ve put into your mindset that were safe … they were actually not safe, it’s just that you got lucky if u weren’t infected,” “That luck — it’s like rolling dice.” 

According to the professor visiting your near dear one, working out sessions with someone or sharing meals may be looked up safe as per the public health restrictions, but these are much more serious and dangerous.

In the third wave, the variants of Covid 19 are not only easily transmissible but also more deadly which can be transmitted for a longer period in individuals. The variants bind up to the cells easily and open up the opportunity to be transmitted from infected people over a longer period.