COVID-19 second wave : More than 100 million people in China’s northeast back under lockdown

Written by Ragini Joshi

Published on : May 19, 2020 5:52

COVID-19 second wave : More than 100 million people in China's northeast back under lockdown

Chinese authorities have re-imposed Wuhan-like rules on the north-eastern city of Shulan following the outbreak of the corona virus.

All the villages and residential areas of the city have been closed, and only one person per household has been allowed two hours for other essentials every other day.

It came as Beijing signaled it could ease some border restrictions as the preparations were going on for a major political event on Thursday, the Communist Party’s annual meeting, also known as the “Two Sessions.” According to Chinese media, the country could ease border control after the two-session meeting starting on Thursday.

In response to a resurgence of corona virus cases in the city last week, authorities have ordered the temporary closure of public places, schools and public transport.

Chinese media house, China Daily, called the city “the epicenter of the country’s latest epidemic.” It says hundreds of people were under quarantine, and life may not return to normal for weeks.

Jilin prefecture officials said public transport in and around the city would be suspended until further notice due to the “severe conditions” of the epidemic in the area around the city.

The country’s northeast, which borders Russia and North Korea, has emerged as a area of ​​serious concern, with cases believed to have come from across the border and then spread locally.

In the last fortnight, at least 34 people in Jilin province have tested positive for Covid-19.