Death of Ejaz Ahmed Choudry : A Message From Chief Duraiappah

Death of Ejaz Ahmed Choudry : A Message From Chief Duraiappah

I know and fully understand the grief within the community, and continue to extend my heartfelt sympathies to the family, friends, and community of Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Choudry. The Service has been in constant dialogue with representatives of the family since the tragic events on June 20, 2020, that culminated in the death of Mr. Choudry. You have my commitment, as the Chief, and that of this entire organization, to continue to be accountable to the people we serve.

The officers involved are under investigation by the provincially mandated, Special Investigations Unit, a civilian oversight agency. Once this investigation is concluded, we will advise the family and the community of our next steps.

Peel Regional Police was established as a means to help keep the community safe; this has not changed. We know our uniform and civilian members strive daily and work tirelessly to serve and keep the public safe. We are also aware that there are issues regarding the mental health system and the appropriate response to individuals in crisis. These have been identified as areas requiring immediate, progressive, and sustainable change.

As the Chief of PRP, I am holding Town Hall meetings to engage with the community and to listen and learn. The Service is collaborating with the Muslim Council of Peel, Muslim Advisory Committee, various other stakeholders, and a wide range of voices from communities of racialized people and persons with disabilities.

I am committed to bringing about systemic change inclusive of a human-rights centric framework as we move forward. In collaboration with other leaders we will advocate for alternatives to current mental health service delivery models. We are, and will, continue to work with you to address what faces us and our community to keep you safe in Peel Region.