Death toll reaches 135 in Morbi bridge collapse, police arrest nine people in the case

The death toll after the collapse of the suspension bridge reached 135 including 40 women and 34 children on Tuesday. The suspension bridge over Machchhu River, a popular tourist spot in Morbi town, Gujarat, collapsed on Sunday.

CCTV footage captured a group of young men taking pictures and others rocking the suspension bridge from opposite directions just before it collapsed, sending 100 people falling into the river below as the cables gave way, according to the video clip.

Oreva group has been handed a contract to restore and maintain the hanging bridge for 15 years, According to documentation from the municipality evaluated on Monday. The Bridge underwent renovations and was reopened On October 26, four days before the tragic incident.

Nine people had been arrested, including managers and ticket-booking employees from the Oreva group who failed to manage the crowd before the bridge collapsed.

The Prime Minister expressed his sympathy and support to the families of the victims. “In this hour of sadness, the government is with the bereaved families in every way,” he said at an event in Gujarat. The Prime Minister will visit Morbi on Tuesday afternoon.

The government has declared compensation for the victims’ family. The state government will give an ex-gratia payment of Rs. 4 lakh to each person who lost their life in the accident in Morbi, while the PMNRF will give each person Rs. 2 lakh. The injured would receive Rs. 50,000.

Indian Coast Guard, along with local administration and other agencies carrying out search and rescue operations at the spot. Total of 17 persons still hospitalized and one person is still reported to be missing said Minister of Gujarat Disaster Management Rajendra Trivedi

On November 2, there won’t be any public gatherings or entertainment events, and the national flag will be flown at half-staff on all governmental institutions. Bhupendra Patel, the chief minister, tweeted about the choice and urged people to embrace peace and offer prayers for the souls of the victims.