Disney+ implements stricter policies to prevent account sharing, effective November 1

Disney+, one of the leading streaming platforms, has declared its intention to combat password sharing among its users in Canada, with the new measures set to be implemented starting November 1. In a recent email sent to subscribers, Disney+ disclosed its plans to introduce an ad-supported subscription plan and revise its subscriber agreement, emphasizing restrictions on sharing account login credentials beyond one’s household. This move follows in the footsteps of Netflix, which earlier this year announced a similar crackdown on password sharing, sparking mixed reactions from its user base.

Stricter Policies to Curb Account Sharing: The email sent by Disney+ to its subscribers contained a clear statement regarding the platform’s intentions: “We’re implementing restrictions on your ability to share your account or login credentials outside of your household.” Disney+ aims to tighten the rules around password sharing to ensure that accounts are used exclusively within the subscriber’s household.

Effective Date and Transition: Disney+ has indicated that these updates will become effective on November 1 for most subscribers, except for those with annual subscriptions in Quebec. Quebec-based subscribers will witness the changes on their next billing date. As the new policy approaches, subscribers are encouraged to switch to a different plan that aligns with their preferences before it takes effect.

Pricing Adjustments Expected: Currently, Disney+ offers its streaming service for $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year. As the company implements these changes, it is expected that pricing adjustments will follow suit. Further details regarding the modified subscription plans and costs are anticipated in the coming announcements.

Choice Between Basic and Premium Subscriptions:
 Before the November 1 rollout, Disney+ subscribers will have the option to select between tiered subscriptions, which include basic and premium plans. The premium plan is particularly attractive to users as it offers an ad-free experience.

Content Bundles and Offerings: In addition to the new subscription plans, Disney will also be introducing bundles that encompass its content along with Hulu’s services, catering to both basic and premium subscribers. Furthermore, a “trio” bundle will be made available, which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Streaming Industry Trend: The move by Disney+ to curb password sharing and introduce tiered subscriptions is consistent with broader trends in the streaming industry. Competing platforms like Prime Video and Netflix have also shifted towards tiered subscriptions with ad-supported options. These changes reflect the evolving landscape of streaming services as they seek to provide a variety of options to their diverse user base.

As November 1 approaches, Disney+ subscribers in Canada will need to review their subscription choices and adapt to the new policies, ensuring compliance with the platform’s updated terms and conditions.


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