Don't Miss the Premiere of Superhit Punjabi Film 'Saggi Phool' on PTC Punjabi this Saturday

Nikita Shahi
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Saggi Phull is a Punjabi film that features Amitoz Shergill and Preet Simran. Preet Simran and Amitoz Shergill are also featured in the cast. The music composer, Daljit Singh, is a member of the cast and Shivtar Shiv, the director, is the drama's director.

The story essentially starts from the very foundation of punjabi society, illustrating the most fundamental requirements and real issues faced by the community.

If you're looking for a great night of entertainment, don't miss the chance to catch the superhit Punjabi film 'Saggi Phool' on PTC Premiere this Saturday at 7:30 pm.