Elementary school students participate in mock municipal voting

Students of St. Joachim Elementary School, Brampton and Our Lady of Providence Elementary School, Brampton participated in mock municipal voting.

They may not be old enough to vote yet, but they still got the chance to experience the significance of voting in municipal elections.

More than 150 students of both the schools participated in a mock election at school this month.  The students got opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the importance of elections and the voting process while the City put its updated voting equipment to the test. 

Residents are closely connected to municipal government through the many services they use every day, for example: parks, transit, recreation, roads, and fire services. Voting is an important way to make your mark in your community.

Peter Fay, City Clerk and Returning Officer said, “The students of today are the voters of tomorrow. Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility, and an important way to shape your city. That’s something to remember whether you are a student, a first-time voter or a new citizen, or someone who votes in every election.”

• The enthusiastic students, who were between the ages of 9 and 11, learned about the voting process, what a ballot looks like and how to mark a ballot.
• For the mock election, the ballot included generic questions about Brampton, including how many wards are in the city; when Voting Day takes place; and how many languages are spoken in Brampton.
• Both schools had recently attended tours of Brampton City Hall as part of the Grade 5 curriculum about local government. While additional mock elections will not be taking place,
• Schools represent approximately 75 per cent of the voting locations planned for the
October 22 Municipal Election and are an important partner for the City.