Environment Canada warns of a ‘dangerous’ long-lasting heat wave due for British Columbia.

Image Source - Google
Image Source - Google

Almost the whole province of British Columbia is now under a heat warning, with forecasters predicting dangerously high temperatures continuing into next week. Environment Canada’s warnings cover most of the province, with the exception of pockets in the northwest, southeast, and along Vancouver Island’s Central Coast and west coast.

Daytime highs of up to 40 degrees Celsius are expected in B.C.’s hottest spots in the southern Interior from Friday to Tuesday, in what meteorologists are calling a “dangerous extended duration heatwave.” Temperatures are not anticipated to fall below 20 degrees Celsius in several sections of the province, even at night.

“The length of this heatwave is worrying because there is little reprieve at night due to high nightly temperatures. Due to the drought conditions, this record-breaking hot event may raise the risk of heat-related illnesses as well as the risk of wildfires “The warnings were displayed.

Highs of up to 38 degrees Celsius are forecast in Metro Vancouver during the next few days.According to Environment Canada, the heatwave is caused by an “exceptionally powerful” ridge of high pressure. They advise British Columbians to drink plenty of water, remain cool, and check on elderly relatives and neighbors.