Expect a rise in Ontario hydro bills over next decade.

Ontario’s long-term energy plan projects that electricity ratepayers will see their hydro bills rise to an average of $181 a month in 10 years.Without doubt, that’s lower than the $200 a month the last long-term energy plan expected bills to increase to by 2027, but significantly up from the current average of $127 a month.

The Liberal government says it plans to avoid sharp increases during that time through initiatives including only securing new power when it’s needed and allowing more people to produce their own green energy to power their homes.

Ontario energy minister Glenn Thibeault says the government didn’t pull a “fast one” on Ontarians on their fair hydro plan saying they followed the guidance of both internal and external experts to make sure it passed “the sniff test.”

The demand for electricity is expected to rise toward the end of the 16-year plan, partly due to an increase in electric vehicles  which the government assumes there will be 2.4 million of by 2035.