Expect higher orange juice prices as after effect of Irma.

Hurricane Irma piled through the heart of Florida’s citrus growing region, completely destroying some groves, and causing damage that will not only send prices higher, but also possibly threaten the health of the entire industry.

State’s agriculture commissioner, Adam Putnam said,  “It has decimated our industry. The path of this storm could not have been any worse for Florida agriculture and Florida citrus specifically. But we’re tougher than that storm. And Florida citrus will pick up, replant and move on.”He said some operations in Southwest Florida suffered anywhere from 70 per cent to 100 per cent crop loss.

Huge crop losses could mean big price hikes for Canadians for products like orange juice, more so than other produce imported from Florida. According to the Florida Citrus Mutual, Canada is the main destination for the state’s orange exports.


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