Facebook Bans Half-Dozen Canadian Pages Under Extremism, Hate Policy

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : April 9, 2019 4:13

A half-dozen Canadian Facebook pages were taken down Monday as the social media company said it was enforcing its policy on extremist content and hate groups.

Faith Goldy, Kevin Goudreau and the Soldiers of Odin (Canadian Infidels) were among those who Facebook said were “banned from having any further presence on Facebook and Instagram,” a spokesperson said.

Also banned were the Canadian Nationalist Front, Aryan Strikeforce and Wolves of Odin. The company also said it would “remove affiliate representation for these entities, including linked pages and groups.”

“Individuals and organizations who spread hate, attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are, have no place (on) our services,” the Facebook spokesperson said.

“The individuals and organizations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on our services.”

In the wake of the New Zealand mosque attack, Facebook has faced increased pressure to remove pages that promote hate and extremism.

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