Facebook selfie aid murder investigation, woman convicted in friend’s murder

Saskatoon police say a Facebook selfie was instrumental in a murder investigation that ended in a guilty plea and a seven-year prison sentence for the killer.

21 year old Cheyenne Rose Antoine  was sentenced to seven years behind bars after posting a selfie on social media that shows her wearing the belt authorities believe she used to strangle her 18-year-old best friend.

Cheyenne Rose Antoine

Antoine pleaded guilty to killing 18-year-old Brittney Gargol, who was discovered fatally injured on a road near the Saskatoon landfill two years ago.

Antoine says Gargol was her best friend and they had been out drinking on the night of her death and got into an argument. Antoine says she doesn’t remember strangling her friend to death, but doesn’t dispute that she killed her.

A passerby discovered 18-year-old Gargol strangled to death on the side of the road near a landfill in Saskatoon in March 2015. Police eventually arrested Antoine after spotting a selfie of the pair, taken hours before Gargol’s death.

Brittney Gargol

The image sees Antoine sporting a belt matching one discovered near Gargol’s body. Authorities believe it was the murder weapon.

Police used more Facebook posts to develop a timeline of Antoine and Gargol’s movements on the night of Gargol’s death.

“It’s quite remarkable how the police developed this information,” said Crown prosecutor Robin Ritter.

The prosecutor said Antoine also used social media to lead police on a wild goose chase. Several hours after Gargol’s death, the accused posted on Facebook, asking where Brittney was.

She also told police the pair went to several bars, and Gargol eventually met an unknown man and they left together.

Police were able to poke holes in Antoine’s story that the pair went to the Colonial Pub and Grill after reviewing security tape evidence that showed they were never at the bar.

Ultimately, a tip led police to a witness, who said Antoine confessed to the killing that night.

Antoine was arrested and charged with second-degree murder but pleaded to a lesser charge of manslaughter on Monday.