Farmers in Saskatchewan are concerned about low crop yields and revenue loss as a result of weeks of dry weather.

Kirti Pathak
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Farmers in Saskatchewan

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Farmers throughout Saskatchewan are reporting enormous emotional and financial stress as a result of crop contracts and low harvests caused by dry weather in their farms. According to the most recent provincial crop report, just approximately half of the crops in the province are at their usual stages of growth for this time of year.

The research blames the difficulties on a shortage of moisture, stating that just approximately 8% of agricultural topsoil in the province has what it requires. Farmers may see the results. "You can see a lot of crops turning color, and we're barely into the third week of July," said Jeremy Welter, a fourth-generation farmer from Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, approximately 185 kilometers west of Saskatoon.

Welter stated that his crop insurance company examined his barley and a substantial percentage of his grain crops and determined that they are total write-offs for him. Welter claims that financial worry keeps him up at night. He is under a lot of strain, from machinery payments to food to repaying the credit that helps seed the land.

"Nothing can grow in a desert with no rain for six weeks."