Father insists doctors are wrong about daughter on life support.

The family of a 27 year old woman, Taquisha McKitty  who was issued a death certificate by an Ontario hospital is fighting to keep her on life support and enlisting the help of an outspoken U.S. physician who claims doctors are rushing to “get her organs” for donation.

McKitty was checked into Brampton Civic Hospital on Sept. 14, following a drug overdose. Her father, Stanley Stewart, said she was breathing on her own for three days after she was admitted.

No  intervention was given to her by her caregivers, he said and eventually she was put on life support. The family was given a death certificate on Sept. 20.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Lucille Shaw has ordered on Thursday allowing McKitty to stay on life support until she can be evaluated by another doctor. Her family and friends insist she continues to show signs of life.

The family has retained Dr. Paul A. Byrne, a retired U.S. physician promoted by an anti-organ donation website, to speak on their behalf. He believes McKitty’s doctors are not acting in her interest.

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