Fisherman catches fish nearly cut in half by plastic Powerade wrapper.

An Alberta fisherman, Adam Turnbull reminds people to properly dispose of garbage after catching a fish that had been trapped in a drink ring so long the fish had grown around the piece of plastic.

Turnbull, works as a cabinet maker in Medicine Hat to support his real passion-fishing. The passionate angler says he fishes almost daily, all around Alberta but mainly close to home, southeastern Alberta.

He has been catching all kinds of fish for long but one he caught on Saturday, Oct. 28, from the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat, left him shaking his head.

He recalled, “I was fishing at Strathcona Park when I hooked the fish.It fought like every other fish and then I saw the wound.”

He said, “I picked the fish out of the water and noticed the wrapper.”

There was a Powerade drink wrapper tightly coiled around the midsection of the Pike, but the fish just grew around it. The flesh around the plastic appeared raw and irritated, lacking scales found on the rest of the animal’s body.

He said he grabbed a small pair of scissors and carefully removed the plastic. He then held the fish back in the river to make sure it was OK, and it darted away.

He spoke to a biologist who said the wrapper appeared to be squeezing the fish behind the stomach, on the intestines.He explained,“Which would have allowed the fish to eat properly, with slower digestion.”

It was indeed an eye-opening experience on how a small piece of trash can have a huge impact on an animal’s life.

“I mean, for any person to claim they’ve never littered intentionally or unintentionally would be a lie for most of us,” Turnbull said.

He posted photos of the fish on Facebook, saying “Pick up your garbage. This is a Powerade wrapper which takes up no room in your pocket until you get to a garbage can. Please share!”