IN Focus # 237 | Shamsher Singh – Founder of Prabh Aasra

Watch full episode of InFocus featuring Sardar Shamsher Singh, fondly called Veerji, the founder of “Universal Disabled Care-Taker Social Welfare Society” also known as Prabh Aasra.”Prabh Aasra (Home for Destitute)” is an NGO based in Punjab, is Working with the grace of God, our mission is to bring hope to a hurting world.

Veerji learnt his first lesson towards humanity when one of his friends died early in childhood. Seeing death so closely he started to find his reasons of living. Being born and brought up in a sikh family his guiding force became the virtues taught by Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji and the practical examples of the Guru’s lives.

Whenever veerji would come across someone deprived of care, shelter, food or treatment, he would hear his conscious call “your fellow being is dying! Help him, as though you would help your own family member”.

Moved by the pitiable condition of destitute, he along with his wife Bibi Rajinder Kaur started a home for helpless in a two rooms rented accommodation in Chandigarh. Slowly and gradually that first step has today grown into an institution with three campuses. The campus in Ganganagar (Rajasthan) is today managed by group of local social workers that Veerji trained for the cause.