Ford government unveils top 3 priorities

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Published on : July 11, 2018 10:12

Ford government unveils top 3 priorities
Ford government unveils top 3 priorities

The Ford government has unveiled their top three priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Scrapping cap and trade, ending the York University strike and cancelling a controversial wind farm project will be priorities for the new Progressive Conservative government when the Ontario legislature resumes this week for a rare summer session.
Ford government unveils top 3 priorities
Government House Leader Todd Smith announced, “We have decided to recall the house because it is clear there are areas of public interest that require urgent attention. The people of Ontario cannot afford to wait and they won’t have to.”
students at York University
The top three priorities, as noted in the release are to protect the students at York University and their families by ensuring that the ongoing labour dispute is quickly and fairly resolved, to strike Ontario’s cap-and-trade carbon tax law from the books so that a future government would not impose another such tax under the law and lastly, to cancel the White Pines Wind Project, which received notice to proceed during the election period before the government had a chance to make any decision on the project for the benefit of the people of Prince Edward County.
While the government has already struck down the regulation imposing the cap and trade carbon tax, scrapping the law is a more permanent solution.
“These three priorities send a clear and serious message about what you can expect from our government,” said Smith.
He added that the government is prepared to act and will always put the best interests of the people first.

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