François Legault defends decision to quash debate over immigration, religious symbols bills

Written by Punita V

Published on : June 15, 2019 2:29

Quebec Premier François Legault says there’s a risk of upsetting “social cohesion” in the province if the debate over religious symbols is allowed to linger any longer.

Legault will invoke closure to pass his government’s controversial secularism and immigration bills, putting an end to debate at the province’s National Assembly over the two controversial pieces of legislation.

The premier said Friday he has a mandate to act on both issues, which were key planks in the Coalition Avenir Québec’s electoral platform last fall.

“There’s a clear opinion from Quebecers that we received on Oct. 1, eight months ago,” said Legault, whose party, elected with 38 per cent of the popular vote, holds a majority of seats in the legislature.

Legault said the debate over religious accommodation has been playing out for more than a decade in Quebec, and it’s time to “turn the page.”