Free entry to Manitoba provincial parks for September long weekend

Province Offers Fee-Free Access for Labour Day Weekend
Province Offers Fee-Free Access for Labour Day Weekend

In a move that aims to encourage outdoor enthusiasts and families to make the most of the upcoming Labour Day weekend, Manitoba has announced that its provincial parks will be open to the public without requiring entrance fees. From September 1 to 4, visitors can enjoy the beauty of these parks without the need for vehicle permits. However, it’s important to note that charges for overnight camping and entrance fees for national parks will remain in effect during this period.

Embracing Nature’s Bounty: With the September long weekend around the corner, this initiative opens the door to exploring the natural wonders Manitoba’s provincial parks offer. Families, nature lovers, and adventure seekers will be able to immerse themselves in the serene landscapes and diverse ecosystems these parks boast.

Exemption Details: 
While the entrance fee waiver grants complimentary access to the provincial parks, it’s crucial to remember that this doesn’t extend to overnight camping expenses or entrance fees for national parks. Those planning to camp overnight or visit national parks during the weekend must adhere to the regular fee structure.

Making Reservations: For individuals eager to secure their spot for camping in the provincial parks, reservations can conveniently be made through the parks reservation system. The process can be completed online at or by contacting the booking hotline at 1-888-482-2267. This avenue ensures visitors can quickly and efficiently plan their Labour Day weekend getaway.

As the province of Manitoba extends this invitation for a fee-free park experience, many are expected to seize the opportunity to create lasting memories amidst these parks’ natural splendor.

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