French Riots: Fourth Night Brings More Arrests as Chaos Grips France

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French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, provided an update on the ongoing riots, revealing that at least 471 individuals have been arrested thus far. Despite the high number of detentions, Darmanin noted that the violence was "much less intense" than the previous night, during which over 900 people were arrested.

Reason behind riots: According to prosecutors, a 17-year-old identified as Nahel M was driving a car on Tuesday morning when he was stopped by the police for traffic violations. It was revealed that the teenager did not possess a full driving license, as he was underage.

Initially, the police claimed that one officer had fired at the teenager because he was allegedly driving his car toward them. However, this narrative was swiftly challenged by a video circulating on social media, presenting a conflicting account of the events.

The situation in Paris remained relatively calm, with only sporadic incidents reported. However, other cities, including Marseille, continued to experience chaos. In Marseille alone, 87 individuals were arrested, and a gun store fell victim to looting. The mayor of Marseille urgently called on the national government to dispatch additional troops to restore order.


Recognizing the severity of the situation, the French government had already deployed 45,000 police officers overnight to suppress further unrest. Additionally, officials urged regional authorities to suspend overnight bus and tram services nationwide.

The riots have had far-reaching consequences, leading to the cancellation of various significant events nationwide due to the diversion of police resources. Marseille's Pride event, initially scheduled for Saturday, joined the growing list of casualties affected by these disruptions.

While the violence experienced a slight decline in intensity, French authorities remained vigilant in maintaining public safety and restoring order amidst the ongoing riots. The situation continues to be closely monitored, and additional measures may be implemented to address the unrest.