Fusion Dishes With The Essence Of Indianness : Canada De Super Chef With Vikram Vij

Canada De Super Chef – With Vikram Vij is the first of its kind cookery show in Canada to be hosted by the renowned chef, Vikram Vij.

All talented and skilled Indians living in Canada for a long time can participate and put their skills to test.

Families from different parts of India, who are based in Canada for a long time will be eligible to participate in this contest.

From among the thousands of applicants, only 12 contestants will be selected and put to further test.

Our participants will then rustle up some fusion dishes keeping the essence of Indianness alive in the taste and aroma.

Since the participants are Indians living for a long time in Canada, their cooking would reflect the same too.

Thereafter, the celebrity chef, Vikram Vij will visit each winner’s house for the next stage of the competition, to experience a taste of these fusion dishes and then replicate them himself.

He will then choose the winner from the 12 contestants for the next stage.

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