Gas prices might hike by 15 cents in some Canadian cities.

Published on : August 29, 2017 9:52

Gas prices around Houston are up by about seven cents a litre and the impact in Canadian cities could be much more, depending on how long flooding lasts.

Hurricane Harvey has affected about 2.2 million barrels per day of refining capacity in the United States, including ExxonMobil, Shell and Phillips 66 operations that began shutting down Sunday.

As a result Vancouver, Victoria and most of B.C. should expect a hike of about three cents a litre, while Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg may see prices rise three to eight cents a litre

Toronto and most of Ontario are in store for a five-cent hike, while Montreal may see the biggest jump — as much as a 15-cent increase to about 127.9 cents a litre by mid-week.