George Chahal, a new face aims to bring strong voice to ‘neglected’ riding, Calgary

Published on : October 17, 2017 9:08

George Chahal celebrates with supporters after winning Ward 5 on Monday night in Calgary.

Ward 5, a ward that’s felt left out of Calgary’s bounty celebrates electing George Chahal as one of city council’s new faces to change that.

Chahal and his electoral rivals have all said the complaint they’ve encountered most on doorsteps is the sense of their area being left behind in terms of services, amenities and infrastructure.

Eight-term Ward 5 Coun. Ray Jones, this council’s longest-serving member  moved over to contest a redrawn Ward 10.That left Ward 5 open to six new candidates, including Chahal, who lost by a mere 33 votes to Jim Stevenson in the 2007 civic race in Ward 3.