Girl who died after being pinned down between vehicles survived cancer.

5-year-old Camila Torcato who died after being pinned down between 2 vehicles fought dearly for her life after she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two.

Her parents watched as she bravely underwent numerous surgeries on her kidneys and lungs. She finally completed her chemotherapy and was able to begin school in September.

Camila and her father were about to get in their car to go home Monday when an SUV with no driver rolled towards them, pinning the pair against their car at St. Raphael Catholic School, where she attended kindergarten.

Distraught father Amilcar Torcato said he couldn’t remember how long the two of them remained stuck between the two vehicles before they were freed.

At the hospital he was told that his daughter’s organs were failing and she was bleeding internally. She died at the hospital Monday evening.

Father said, “She was a very special girl, she had problems before, she had cancer, but she was a fighter.She was a very sweet girl, shy, but very sweet; my mind is filled with her memories.”

Father added, “I went to pick her up in school because the day before she asked me if I could. Usually her mom picks her up, but that day I did.”

Amilcar said, “I want people to just be careful with parking the cars around schools. Make sure you stop the motor, and to not go out without stopping the motor.This could happen again, yesterday it was her, tomorrow, it can be another child.”

Around the back of the school near Keele St. and Wilson Ave., a pink and purple memorial grew.

The police traffic services division said the investigation is ongoing, and charges have not yet been determined.

Family friends have set a GoFundMe page to help Camila’s family with financial stress.