Girl found safe after stolen car abandoned in parking lot:

New Update

Police advises not to leave kids unattended in Car.

Toronto police have found a four-year-old Christina Nguyen who was the subject of an Amber Alert after the car she was in was stolen when it was left running outside the family home.

The Police Service said that the girl’s mother had started the Camry and left it idling to warm up the engine. She left her daughter inside with the car unlocked, then ducked inside her home to pick up a second child.

When she returned outside, around 6 a.m., a suspect had entered the car and driven off.

The car was found by passerby in a parking lot on Rosemount Avenue near Weston Road and Church Street not far from the family's home in the Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue area about 3 hours later the car was stolen.

Det. Ranbir Dhillon said, "Do not leave your children in your car while it's running .You should be there with your child, especially if they are this young."