Girl’s donated organs help a record eight people.

13 year old, Jemima Layzell, from Somerset,England  who died in 2012 from a brain aneurysm donated her heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, small bowel and liver. She has helped a record eight different people, including five children, through organ donation.

Jemima collapsed during preparations for her mum’s 38th birthday party and died four days later at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Jemima’s mum Sophy Layzell, 43, a drama tutor, and dad Harvey Layzell, 49, managing director of a building firm, said they knew Jemima was willing to be a donor because they had spoken about it a couple of weeks before her death, after someone they knew died in a crash.

Her heart, small bowel, and pancreas were transplanted into three different people while two people received her kidneys.Her liver was split and transplanted into a further two people, and both of her lungs were transplanted into one patient.

Normally, a donation results in 2.6 transplants – eight is very unusual.

Sophy, Harvey, and Jemima’s sister Amelia, aged 17, now run The Jemima Layzell Trust which helps young people with brain injuries and also promotes organ donation.

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