Global praise for India’s role: G20 summit shaping a world of diversity and harmony

The recently concluded G20 Summit has garnered widespread acclaim for India, with international media acknowledging the country’s growing influence on the global stage. The New Delhi Declaration, which achieved unanimous approval, has been hailed as a diplomatic achievement, solidifying India’s position as a significant voice representing the Global South.

The Washington Post: Modi’s Diplomatic Win

The Washington Post commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for addressing global concerns and securing unanimous agreement on developmental and geopolitical issues. Their headline, “India forges compromise among divided world powers at the G20 summit in a diplomatic win for Modi,” highlighted India’s successful diplomatic efforts.

Gulf News: Shaping a World of Diversity and Harmony

Dubai-based media outlet Gulf News emphasized the 18th G20 Summit’s role in shaping a world of diversity and harmony. Their headline, “18th G20 Summit: Shaping a world of diversity and harmony,” underscored the summit’s positive impact on global relations.

ABC News: Watered-Down Agreement on Ukraine

While many celebrated the G20 Summit’s achievements, Australian news outlet ABC News noted that the New Delhi Declaration’s language regarding the conflict in Ukraine appeared to be diluted. Their headline, “Anthony Albanese hails watered down agreement as G20 summit wraps,” highlighted this perspective.

The Telegraph: India’s Role in the New World Order

British daily broadsheet, The Telegraph discussed India’s emergence as a central player in the evolving global order. Their story, “Why India is Poised to Become the Center of the New World Order,” recognized India’s growing significance in shaping the world’s future.

Emphasis on Global Collaboration and Green Finance

During the G20 Summit, India strongly emphasized global multi-stakeholder collaboration to address shared challenges, such as the climate crisis. The country’s commitment to fostering worldwide harmony and green finance was highlighted.

Russia and the United States Applaud G20 Summit Declaration

Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported that Russia praised the balanced declaration as the G20 Summit concluded. “Russia praises ‘balanced’ declaration as summit concludes,” read their headline. South China Morning Post also highlighted the positive feedback: “US, Russia praise G20 summit declaration as India meeting closes.”

G20’s Role in Addressing Global Challenges

US President Joe Biden commended the G20 Summit for its ability to address pressing global issues, including the climate crisis, fragility, and conflict. He noted that the summit demonstrated the group’s capacity to find solutions to these critical challenges.

Russian Foreign Minister’s Praise for India’s Presidency

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the New Delhi G20 Summit as a historic milestone. He highlighted India’s active role in consolidating the G20 countries from the Global South, marking a significant achievement in the summit’s history.

India’s Showcase of Diversity and Digital Infrastructure

Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Chief Coordinator of India’s G20 Presidency, emphasized that the G20 Summit allowed India to showcase its diversity, historical legacy, and digital public infrastructure.

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