Google Doodle pays homage to Sir Frederick Banting, a Canadian Scientist, co-founder of Insulin, #youngest #Nobel #laureate in the area of #Physiology

Sir Frederick Bantingwas a Canadian medical scientist, physician, painter, and Nobel_laureate, born 125 years ago on Nov 14, is known for co-discovering insulin and first testing it on humans.

Monday’s Google_Doodle pays homage to Sir Frederick Banting.His birthday, Nov. 14, also marks World Diabetes Day as his insulin discovery has helped and continue helping people who suffer from the disease.

Insulin was first successfully tested on a 14 year old boy, Leonardo Thompson in 1922.

Sir Bating’s work earned him the Nobel Prize in Medicine with his colleague John James Rickard Macleod in 1923

His birthday and World_Diabetes_Day is being celebrated around the world with many people expressing their gratitude for his breakthrough discovery and general contributions to the scientific field.