Government need to learn from Quebec City’s gym outbreak which came out the largest Covid-19 spreading event.

Written by Ritika Nath

Published on : April 14, 2021 2:22

Quebec City
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The reason behind the outbreak at Quebec city’s Gym is still unknown where the residents are stunned that how running on a treadmill or lifting weights has made the outbreak at the gym the largest recorded COVID-19 super-spreading event in Canada.

Behind a busy highway, the Mega Fitness Gym 24H went on to become the major center for contagion of the B117 variant. This variant first was identified in the United Kingdom, which now makes up almost 70 percent of the whole cases in Quebec City.

Post the outbreak in the gym it was shut down on March 31st, which got the city to come under lockdown once again. More than 222 people were infected in the gym, with another 356 related cases at 49 workplaces. The situation became worse by taking the life of a 40-year-old man.

Officials have not yet given the full details as to how the outbreak happened, and if it was sparked due to the more contagious and potentially more deadly variant or it was transmitted by aerosol transmission and microscopic particles.