Grand opening of Bio Lab in Mississauga will create high-paying and high-value jobs.

Published on : October 21, 2017 5:35

Mayor Bonnie Crombie says  that BioLab is a $56 million foreign-direct investment (FDI) that will create 40 high-paying and high-value jobs, many in research and development.She adds that Grand Opening of Biolab  is a proof that Mississauga’s FDI Environment is Competitive.

Mayor Crombie made the comments during the grand opening of BioLab – a Brazilian-based pharmaceutical giant. Crombie first met with corporate leaders from BioLab during her 2015 investment mission to South America.

BioLab is located in Mississauga’s leading Airport Corporate Centre which is home to over 35,000 employees and 674 businesses.

Crombie sadi, “In Mississauga we mean business when it comes to helping life sciences companies invest, expand services offerings and remain ahead of the global competition. Congratulations, once again, to everyone at BioLab.”