Gurdeep Randhawa is the first Indian to be appointed to a German political party’s state praesidium

Gurdeep Singh Randhawa, a German citizen of Indian origin, has been elected to the CDU party praesidium for the Thuringia state. The CDU has selected a German citizen of Indian descent for the first time ever to a state praesidium in Germany.

For many years, Randhawa worked for the CDU and was an active member of the organisation. Notably, the Christian Democratic Union is a political party in Germany, and Friedrich Merz has served as the CDU’s federal head since January 31, 2022.

Gurdeep Singh Randhawa was chosen to serve as the first Indian representative in Germany earlier this month. Randhawa had the responsibility of speaking up for the Indian community and voicing its issues. Additionally, it was his responsibility to inspire Indians to engage in politics. In addition to maintaining business relations with India, Randhawa is also active in humanitarian causes, particularly those that support the rights of Sikhs and the people of Punjab.

Gurdeep Singh Randhawa stated in August, following his appointment as the first Indian community leader in Germany, “It is important to me that there is genuine togetherness in society. This also applies to the different cultures and origins that are united in our country.”

Gurdeep Singh Randhawa went on to say, “There are different generations living in Germany, who are living with the German and Indian culture. I would like to bring new impulses and innovative ideas to the political level with their support.”