Hamas releases video of captive: Plea for safe return emerges from Israel attack tragedy

Hamas Releases Video of Captive and Seizes 199 in Devastating Attack

Hamas, the Islamist group, released a video on Monday featuring a statement from one of the captives taken during last week’s devastating attack on Israel. In the video, a young woman, whose injured arm is seen receiving medical treatment from an unidentified medical worker, identifies herself as 21-year-old Mia Schem. She appeals to be swiftly reunited with her family.

Family Confirms Identity: A representative of Mia Schem’s family, which was part of a group of French families that recently sought President Emmanuel Macron’s assistance in freeing their missing relatives, confirmed her identity to Reuters. This development comes in the wake of an attack that resulted in the seizure of at least 199 Israelis and foreigners by Hamas gunmen, marking one of the deadliest incidents in Israel’s 75-year history with 1,300 casualties.

Israeli Response and Condemnation: The Israeli military issued a statement expressing constant contact with Mia Schem’s family and condemning Hamas as a “murderous terrorist organization.” The military conveyed its dedication to employing “all intelligence and operational measures” for the safe return of the captives. It criticized Hamas’s portrayal in the video as an attempt to present itself as humane, despite the group’s alleged involvement in the abduction and harm to innocent civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.

Hamas’ Assurances Regarding Non-Israeli Captives: Previously, Hamas’ armed wing had stated that non-Israeli captives, who were taken on October 7, were considered “guests” and would be released “when circumstances allow.” The situation remains complex, with ongoing efforts for the return of those taken captive.

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