Happy Birthday to “Suraan De Sartaaj”!

In the world of music, Satinder Sartaaj is a name to be recognized. The Indian musician with a PhD in music and a large following is a singer, songwriter, actor, and poet of Punjabi-language movies and songs.

The reason Sartaaj is so widely known is because of his prolific career in Punjabi-Sufi music. After making his Hollywood acting debut as Maharaja Duleep Singh in the in the universally acclaimed motion picture The Black Prince in 2017, his popularity grew. He was first-ever turbaned Sikh to walk the red carpet at Cannes.

Born in Bajrawar, District of Hoshiarpur, Satinder Sartaaj graduated from Govt College Hoshiarpur with honours in music. He also completed his five-year Sangeet Visharad diploma in classical music from Jalandhar.

From Punjab University in Chandigarh, he received his music master’s degree. He earned his PhD with a focus on Sufi poetry after earning his master’s and M.Phil. Additionally, Dr. Satinder Sartaaj spent six years as a music professor at Punjab University.

Away from machismo, caste pride, misogyny, eurocentric beauty standards, and gun culture, Satinder Sartaj has managed to preserve the very essence of Punjabi music.

We wish the singer a very happy birthday!