Harjit Sajjan: Bill C-76 Changes Voting For Canadian Armed Forces Members

Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajjan on Thursday spoke on the Bill C-76, known as the Elections Modernization Act.

With the coming into force of Bill C-76, the way Canadian Armed Forces members vote in federal elections has changed, allowing them to vote like any other Canadian elector.

The voting methods now available to them include:

advance polls;
regular polls on civilian voting day;
voting at Elections Canada offices anywhere in Canada;
voting by mail from anywhere in Canada or in the world; and
voting at military polls established at their base or unit.

“Did you know that the Elections Modernization Act has changed the way that @CanadianForces members are able to vote? We’ve made it easier for our women and men in uniform to ensure their voices are heard at the voting booth,” Harjit Sajjan tweeted.