Harsher penalties to be planned for careless drivers who hurt or kill, ON.

Published on : September 20, 2017 12:35

Today, Transport minister Steven Del Duca is set to announce  harsher approach to careless drivers who kill or hurt people.

The proposed changes would create a new offence of careless driving causing death or bodily harm which carries with it a maximum penalty of a $50,000 fine, up to two years in jail and a licence suspension of up to five years.The amendments are a change to the philosophy of Ontario traffic law.

The proposed law will also:

  1. Increase fines and demerit points, and introduce license suspensions, for distracted drivers. Punishments would increase with repeated offences, with third (and subsequent) offences drawing a 30-day licence suspension.
  2. Increase fines for failing to yield to a pedestrian
  3. Double the maximum fine for most traffic offences from $500 to $1,000


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