Health Agency Ontario issues order to transfer Covid-19 patients without consent.

Ontario case rise

Health agency under the Ontario’s Government has sent emergency orders to hospitals in order to cope with the rising Covid-19 cases. With the increase in cases, hospitalizations are also increasing and intensive care admissions are threatening the province’s critical care capacity due to which the emergency orders have been sent.
The order gives the hospitals permission to transfer the patient without the prior consent if the facilities are inadequate according to the requirements of the treatment. All through the pandemic, this is the first time that such an order has been issued.
Addition to this, health care professionals and staff of the province’s community can be redeployed to work in hospitals according to the order.
Minister of Health Christine Elliott gave a statement saying, “With Ontario’s hospitals facing unavoidable critical care capacity pressures during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government is necessary and immediate action to make sure no capacity and no resource in Ontario’s hospitals go untapped,”.
The province and government are all concerned regarding the rise in Covid-19 cases that too driven by the variants which are deadlier resulting in hospitalizations and ICU admissions.
In Ontario, 552 people with Covid-19 were admitted to ICU on Friday.