Heat Warnings Issued In Ontario Ahead Of Nearly 50°C Weather On Friday

Environment Canada is warning Ontarians about a return of “significant heat and humidity” this Thursday.

According to weather experts, warmer air will return to the Ontario weather forecast today with afternoon temperatures expected to sit in the low 30’s and humidex values reaching 40°C.

The heat and humidity are expected to peak on Friday and Saturday afternoon with temperatures soaring into the mid 30’s. The humidex value will climb into the mid to upper 40’s.

According to The Weather Network, it could feel almost as hot as 50°C tomorrow in parts of southwestern Ontario. The mid-summer heatwave could result in the highest temperatures we’ve seen all year so far.

The extreme heat won’t last too long as a cooler air mass is set to arrive by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Heat warnings are currently in effect for Chatham, Rondeau Park, Windsor, Leamington and Essex County.

The weather alert is cautioning Ontarians about the effects of extreme heat, from which no one is spared. However, the risks are higher for pregnant women, young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, and people who work long hours outdoors or exercise outdoors.

Symptoms of heat illness include rash, swelling, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and the worsening of some other health conditions. Ontarians should avoid leaving pets inside a parked vehicle. People who work outside should remember to take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place.

Heat warnings are issued when high temperatures or humidity condition rises to the point of posing a threat elevating the risk of heat illnesses, including the potentially fatal effects brought on by heat exhaustion and heatstroke.