Highlighting Diversity:Carleton University Hosts First National Sikh Symposium.

The Canada-India Centre for Excellence (CICE) at Carleton University recently held its first national symposium as part of a new initiative to highlight diversity in Canada and India.

Noted Sikh scholars from Canada, the United States and India, leading Sikh businesspeople and public figures came together to discuss Sikhism’s impact on politics, culture and the global economy on  this inaugural event.

Panel themes included various aspects of the evolution and emergence of Sikhism, as well as Sikh businesspeople who have started, grown and sustained large businesses in various sectors.

CICE Manager Harry Sharma said, “Canada has become an example of how immigrants, from different backgrounds, come together to bring peace and prosperity to the whole world.”

“The symposium on Sikhism was the first in a series of events to highlight and discuss diverse religions that form significant minorities in both Canada and India.”

He added, “This series of events will bring forward views from academic scholars and practitioners to provide a comprehensive view of religions. CICE is proud to have started the initiative.”

The CEO of Datawind, Suneet Singh Tuli described how he has personalized the teachings of various Sikh gurus to make an impact. He used the example of creating Aakash—the cheapest tablet in the world—as an opportunity to serve the under-privileged by bringing education to them.

The final plenary speaker was SkyLink Group President Surjit Babra, who described his business journey, from humble beginnings to building a large and commercially successful airline. Babra said that he had never connected his faith with his business acumen until he was asked to deliver the lecture.