Himachal Pradesh rain devastation: CM declares ‘state disaster’ as damage hits Rs10,000 crore

The relentless monsoon rains that have battered Himachal Pradesh have left a trail of destruction, prompting Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu to announce the staggering estimate of Rs10,000 crore in damages. In response to the heavy havoc the rain wreaked, the chief minister revealed that the situation would be officially classified as a “state disaster,” with an official release expected imminently. The region has witnessed the tragic loss of 74 lives, a grim tally that continues to rise.

Rescue efforts and restoration initiatives: Amid the torrential rains and consequent landslides, the state has been grappling with rescue and recovery operations. The temple collapse tragedy in Shimla, triggered by a landslide, took several lives, and rescue teams are tirelessly working near the collapse site to recover victims. In these challenging times, the Himachal Pradesh government has enlisted the support of national response teams, such as the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Indian Army, in a joint endeavor to restore normalcy and assist those adversely affected by the calamity.

Government’s commitment to rehabilitation: CM Sukhu asserted the state government’s unwavering commitment to aiding those affected by the rain havoc. He pledged that the administration would prioritize supporting those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, helping them rebuild and regain normalcy. “The government will try its best to help those affected by the rain – like those who lost their houses – to restore their normal life,” according to news agency PTI.


Controversy and response to accusations: Amid the grim situation, controversy arose surrounding the chief minister’s purported remarks linking construction workers from Bihar to the destruction in Shimla. CM Sukhu swiftly dismissed these reports, urging against playing politics amidst the dire circumstances. He denied making such statements and requested clarity on the origins of the claim.

Continuous rain woes and extended predictions:

Himachal Pradesh grapples with the relentless downpour, leading to flash floods and landslides. The death toll has reached 74, and rescue operations persist near the Shimla temple collapse site. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast scattered rainfall over the next four to five days, with a controlled pattern until August 25, offering a glimpse of what the state can expect in the immediate future.

Chhattisgarh extends aid to rain-stricken Himachal: In solidarity, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has stepped up to assist the beleaguered Himachal Pradesh. Baghel announced a financial aid of ₹11 crore to the rain-ravaged state, reflecting a spirit of support and collaboration in times of crisis. A conversation between the two chief ministers underscored Baghel’s commitment to extend help and resources to address the challenges of the monsoon’s fury.

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