Houston department’s first Sikh deputy shot dead In “Ruthless, Cold-Blooded Way”: sheriff says

Written by Ragini Joshi

Published on : September 27, 2019 11:34

The first Sikh to become a deputy at a Houston-area sheriff’s department was killed this fatally Friday. He was shot in the head from behind , confirmed authorities.

“Sandeep Dhaliwal, who paved the way for other Sikhs to join the department, was on duty when he was shot”, said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez l at a press conference.

“He wore the turban, he represented his community with integrity, respect and pride and he was respected by all,” Gonzalez said.

A man got out of the vehicle with a pistol and shot him when he was conducting a traffic stop.

Robert Solis, 47, has been charged with capital murder in connection with Dhaliwal’s murder.

“It’s the worst day, the worst nightmare for any police executive,” Gonzalez said.

“This guy had a heart of gold, he treated his brothers and sisters in law enforcement as if they were just brothers and sisters. He thought of them before he thought of himself. He thought of the broader community before he thought of himself,” said Adrian Garcia, Harris County police commissioner.