Hurricane Lee to impact the Maritimes: Rain, wind, and surf expected

Maritimes Preparing for Post-Tropical Transition of Hurricane Lee with Widespread Winds

While there is some lingering uncertainty regarding the precise path Hurricane Lee will take through the region this weekend, it is increasingly evident that the Maritimes will be affected by the looming storm. With its vast scale and sluggish pace, Hurricane Lee is poised to usher in heavy rainfall, gusty winds, pounding surf, and the potential for storm surge.

Lee’s Gradual Weakening and Maritimes Impact: Current meteorological guidance indicates a gradual weakening of Hurricane Lee as it moves northward over the next few days. The storm is venturing into an area characterized by elevated wind shear and cooler ocean temperatures. Nevertheless, Lee is anticipated to maintain near Category 1 strength as it advances into the Maritimes on Saturday. Subsequently, the storm is expected to transform a post-tropical system while persisting with tropical-storm-force winds. This transition will entail the dispersion of rain bands and the most potent winds from the storm’s center, affecting a larger expanse. This dispersion heightens the risk of widespread power outages, especially given the still-foliaged trees.

Shifts in Storm Track and Lingering Impact: 
Forecast models have indicated a westward trend in the storm’s track over the past few days. The latest trajectory from the Hurricane Centre now positions Lee in the Gulf of Maine. However, the ultimate track remains pivotal, as the sheer size and slow movement of Lee imply that its impact will span across the Maritimes, even with a westward trajectory.

Anticipating Rainfall and Wind Patterns: In the coming day or so, as the storm track becomes more defined and the models converge, a clearer depiction of the areas most prone to heavy rainfall and strong winds will emerge. In anticipation of Lee’s arrival, tropical moisture leading the way will traverse the Maritimes on Thursday. This intro will bring about scattered showers, heavy downpours, and a potential for thunderstorms, carrying the risk of localized flash flooding. Additionally, it will contribute to an already saturated ground, priming the region for Hurricane Lee’s impact over the weekend.

As the Maritimes brace for the impending weather conditions, monitoring Lee’s track and preparing for potential disruptions remains crucial. Stay tuned for further updates as the situation unfolds.

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