If elected, the NDP promises universal pharmacare and mental health supports in its first mandate.

NDP promises
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If elected, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh promises to implement universal prescription medication coverage, dental care, and mental health services during his first term.

This morning, the federal party unveiled a list of commitments centered on health care and affordability, which are expected to serve as the foundation of its campaign platform in the upcoming federal election.

The manifesto represents the party’s long-term vision, although a party spokeswoman going on the record stated that they believe universal prescription drug coverage, dental care, and mental health care for the uninsured can be accomplished within the first mandate.

“It will take more time to accomplish the complete idea,” stated the spokeswoman. “We’d be further advanced if we started earlier, like in 2019, 2015.”

Because the commitments document does not offer a cost breakdown for its promises, it is unknown how much the fourth-place party’s promises would cost. During a technical briefing with the media prior to the release, a party official stated that they intend to collaborate with the Parliamentary Budget Officer to determine the cost of implementing their suggestions.

Some previously made promises, such as universal prescription medicine coverage, were estimated in the 2019 election but may have increased. To fund some of the suggested measures, the party claimed it would levy a 1% tax on households with more than $10 million in assets. According to a party official, it might generate up to $10 billion a year, which would subsequently be invested in services.

Another source of money would be the promised temporary COVID-19 excess profit tax, which would levy an additional 15% tax on large firms that made significant profits during the pandemic. “That’s going to be our core focus,” Singh said Wednesday night on CBC’s Power & Politics. “Let us demand the billionaires pay their fair share and invest in what the people require.”