A guy is attacked and his car is stolen at gunpoint in Brampton

Bhavna Choudhary
New Update

A man was viciously carjacked at gunpoint from his house garage on Sunday about 7 p.m. in Brampton. A surveillance camera caught the entire incident.

An armed carjacking took place at a residence near Ebenezer Road and Highway 50. A man can be seen on video approaching a house in a white SUV. In the distance, a black automobile can be seen.

After the man has parked the car in his garage, the driver of the black car can be seen coming quickly up to the home and stopping in front.

When this happens, one person leaves the vehicle while the other races to the garage where the white SUV's owner and the suspect are seen clashing in the driveway.


In the footage, the man is attacked by the armed suspect, who then picks up something when the victim backs off and throws his keys to the ground. The disturbance is visible, and distant neighbours can be seen observing it and purportedly calling for help.

The carjacking suspect is in the garage and out of sight as the SUV owner stands in his driveway and talks on his cell phone. The victim is then seen walking into his house.

Just under a minute later, the suspect can be seen in the footage driving the white SUV out of the garage. The carjacking suspect and a getaway driver in the aforementioned black car then leave.

The victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. It is unidentified if the stolen car has been discovered.