In Canada, November may soon be designated as Hindu Heritage Month

Nikita Shahi
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An Indo-Canadian MP has presented a proposal in the Canadian parliament to have November declared as "Hindu Heritage Month," honouring the accomplishments of Hindu-Canadians in several fields.

Chandra Arya, an MP from the ruling Liberal Party who represents Nepean in the Ottawa area, introduced the resolution on Monday. It also has 14 joint seconders, cutting across party lines.


The motion seeks that the Canadian government "recognise the contributions that Hindu-Canadians have made to the socio-economic growth of Canada, and their services to the Canadian society, the richness of Hindu Heritage and its immense contribution to the realm of arts and science, astronomy to medicine, and its culture and customs, and the necessity of learning and reflecting upon it for our future generations in Canada by establishing November, every year, Hindu Heritage Month."

Anita Anand, the Indian-origin defence minister of Canada, expressed her joy on Twitter by writing, "Today, the House of Commons voted unanimously to recognize November as Hindu Heritage Month in Canada! Each November, we will recognize the contributions of Hindu-Canadians to the social, political and cultural fabric of our country."

The proposal was well received by the community, but it must still be discussed and approved by the House of Commons and Senate before Hindu Heritage Month can be implemented.