In order to avoid hotel quarantine, Canadians help from the U.S. Taxi services.

Written by Ritika Nath

Published on : April 11, 2021 8:23

U.S. Taxi Service
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During the pandemic, Buffalo Limousine an Airport Transport service lost almost 70% of its business. The company has now picked up recently as the Canadian snowbirds are coming back to U.S. sunbelt states in order to avoid Canada’s hotel quarantine requirement.

The owner of Buffalo Limousine, Cark “This is a huge and massive shot in the arm for us, this Canadian snowbird travel.”

COVID-19 Vaccination game is getting stronger on social media.

From February 22, passengers entering Canada are asked to quarantine themselves for three days in a designated hotel and they were liable to pay the cost up to $2000.The rule applies to only the air passengers and not the ones coming by land.

The air passengers are moving to U.S. cities closer to the border like Buffalo in  N.Y, just to get saved from the hotel quarantine. After coming to the border they can come across the Canadian border.

Shift from health risk and age-based vaccination model is needed -Canadian Researchers.

Boccio said “When Canada imposed the hotel [quarantine], then it was just like our phones were exploding. What I hear from the majority of people, it’s not even so much the cost, it’s like you’re in jail with this hotel quarantine.”