Indian-origin Canadian MP strongly condemns attack on Hindu Temple

Indian-origin Member of Parliament in Canada, Chandra Arya, denounced the attack and brought up the subject of “hate crime” in the Canadian parliament on Wednesday in response to the vandalism of a well-known temple in Brampton, Canada, which was covered in anti-India graffiti.

“Hindu Canadians are deeply pained by the rising Hinduphobia in Canada,” Arya remarked when bringing up the subject in the parliament. Calling it an “alarming trend,” he called upon Canada to stop rising hate crimes against Hindus.

On Tuesday morning, he stated, “The attack of Gauri Shankar Mandir in Brampton is latest in attacks on Hindu temples in Canada by anti-Hindu and anti-India groups. From hatred on social media, now physical attacks on Hindu temples, what next? I call on govt at levels in Canada to start taking this seriously.”