Indian student dies after being swept into water at Peggys Cove

In a horrific incident, an Indian student died after he fell from rocks and was swept into the water at Peggys Cove. His brother who also fell on the rocks survived and called for more lighting at the site.

According to the information, two brothers (both Indian), along with friends, decided to visit the popular tourist site of Peggys Cove. The duo decided to go onto the rocks to watch the sunset over the water, however, they fell and were swept into the water as the ride was rising at that time.

Soon after the brothers fell into the water, their friends called on 911 after which the police, the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre, the coast guard, fire crews and paramedics responded to the call at around 8:30 pm on April 11.

The deceased has been identified as Harshil while the brother, who survived, has been named Zarin Barot. Barot family belongs to Mehsana in India’s Gujarat. Both of them came to Canada in 2020.

Harshil was a devout Hindu who always looked for new opportunities to learn and grow. He was fond of sports, boating, and animals.

Harshil had moved to a new home in Halifax last week after getting a job recently. Barot was in the water for some time and lost consciousness. He woke up the next day in an intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, the Barot family has called for some change at Peggys Cove in an order to avoid any such tragedy in the future. They also hope for a memorial at Peggys Cove, including the names of everyone who drowned there.

The family called for more lighting at the site, as Barot said that it was too dark to see the warning signs around the location. He added that there should be at least immediate resources, such as tubes.